View Full Version : SBC Screen Brightness

2010-12-12, 13:55
I bought one of the very first SBC's to hit the retail market in the US. Despite all the problems many people seem to have, mine has been practically flawless.

One thing is however, my screen brightness has always been somewhat dim - especially compared to the 2nd one I bought at a later time.

Now, the screen is getting to the point it's almost unreadable, album art is difficult to see, especially if the artwork itself is dark.

Screen brightness is set at maximum and I'm running the latest release of SBS.

My question - is there a history of Logitech doing anything about this (i.e. repair service or goodwill repair for a good customer, I have 6 booms, 2 duets, 3 sb3's, 1 sb2, as well as numerous other logitech devices)? I realize I've probably waited way too long for warranty - during the warranty period it was dim but livable, so I didn't do anything about it.

2010-12-12, 14:59
Logitech used to have a $90 flat rate fee for repairs out-of-warranty, but they no longer do that. There are several reports of them doing "gooodwill" replacements, even for items that were clearly broken because of user carelesness. While you can't claim such a goodwill replacement as a "right", it's possible, but only if you ask. I suggest calling tech support, and if you don't succeed at first, try again and hope to get a different rep. Good luck.