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2010-12-12, 02:47
Hi all

I've been a Classic user for a few years now and no probs. Recently moved the unit and when plugged back in, the display wouldn't work.

I did some research and unplugged the wireless card inside and wired it to network. I did a factory reset (holding + while turning back on) and somehow managed to get it to connect to my Squeezebox Server! So I can control it fine from here but display is still dead.

I'm not sure if the wireless is dead or not as I can't see and since I've factory reset, it's lost the wireless setup etc I guess!

Any ideas of how to keep using it, I CAN use it wired if need be just means using mains networking or a long cable.

If I turn off wireless encryption on my network, can someone tell me the menu key presses to try to connect it blind just to see if wireless is dead or not or a suggestion of how to test wireless?

ps. I've pressed brightness several times so I don't think the dislay is just turned off!

many thanks


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2010-12-12, 11:39
thanks dude, very useful.