View Full Version : Some test with FW35 (for Sean)

Phillip Kerman
2004-09-06, 13:23
> > Michel,
> >
> > I can't reproduce channel swap here. let me know what you find with
> > v.36 when it's ready. v.36 has fixes for a couple of really
> > weird/intermittent crashes that may be related to the ch swap.
> Sean
> Is there anyway in which I can help with extra debugging/tracing ...?
> I have put a lot of hours into listening to
> that damn "Spoken Channel Identification" track
> AND I would be willing to put in many more
> to get rid of this bug for ever ...!
> Regards
> Mike

Yes please advise what we can do to help track it down. I think it's
optimistic to hope one bug fix will fix another bug that you can't
reproduce. (My experience says you can best fix the bugs that you can
reproduce.) My advice is if you're not getting the channel swap to do a
soft-boot and try again (and repeat). For me, it only happens on coax
(though I haven't tested the other connections).