View Full Version : Squeezebox stops playing Playlist

2010-12-11, 08:52
UPDATE: On further investigation the next song "When Love Comes to Town" will not play. It shows 7 seconds tick off with no audio and then the next song in the Playlist "Heartland" starts playing. So it appears that "WLCTT" is the problem. I deleted "WLCTT" from the Playlist and "LRM" plays all the way through and "Heartland" immediately starts playing when "LRM" finishes. I will look into what is going on with "WLCTT".

I have an issue when I play U2s "Love Rescue Me" from Rattle and Hum.

The song plays completely through and then there is no more audio. The Squeezebox shows the Play Icon, but the times shows the max song length on the left and Zero seconds remaining on the right. It does not continue to the next song in the Playlist. This is repeatable as in it happens ever time no matter where this song is in a Playlist.

Is this a bad rip? What is the best way to troubleshoot this using the logging function IE what needs turned on in logging? I currently have all Log Functions set to only log Errors and the log is empty as if this is not a problem or error.