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Dixon, Bill
2004-05-11, 09:55
It's not a big jump from this to "personalized" libraries (or vice versa) something that would be very nice if you've got kids in the house that you'd prefer not to have access to your explicit content.

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One thing I would like to be able to do is a "big shuffle" of my whole
collection. I've got a little bit of everything though, and a family who
probably doesn't want to hear everything in the collection... (And some
stuff might not be appropriate for my kids, who are 3 and 5.) So what I
would like to be able to do is have some checkboxes for listeners - Joe,
Nancy, Kimmy, and Tammy.

You check the box when they are listening, uncheck when they aren't. Then
I'd like to associate some metadata with the mp3 files, and/or perhaps the
folders. Basically, on a per/genre, per/artist, per/album, and/or per song
basis each of my listeners could score from 1-10. 1 means "never play this
if I'm listening". 10 means "this is my favorite, play it often".
Anything in between falls in that range. Joe likes Heavy Metal, so he
scores the whole genre at 10, but Kimmy never wants to hear Judas Priest so
she scores them at 1. Or maybe one song is particularly offensive to
someone, even if they like a particular artist or album.

When building a shuffled playlist, these weightings are used to decide
probabalities for songs to get played. Some songs will disappear from the
list altogether because someone might have rated them "1". On the other
hand, favorites of anyone listening get more heavily weighted so everyone
will hear an interesting variety of music.

I'm not sure where this metadata lives and/or how it gets edited. If it's
strictly a per song thing then it could be in the comment tag of the mp3
file. If it really can operate at a folder level, then perhaps it's a
separate file. Where it goes could have some impact on how it is edited.
It would be slick to allow editing straight out of the slimserver web
interface, but for simplicity it might be easier to use an external
editor. A "quickhack" version of the idea might keep the whole thing in
the space of mp3 tags, and the editing with "easytag" or tag editor of

Does anyone else think that this is a cool idea? Does it already exist? If
I was to start playing around to figure out how to write a Slimserver
plugin, is there documentation or would I just need to start hacking on an
existing plugin in learn from there?

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