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2010-12-09, 11:07
I have just connected my squeezebox to a power down plug and wondered is it possible for the squeezebox when plugged in to always be powered on, as ready to play music rather than having to get the remote and turn it on.


2010-12-09, 13:17
The Squeezebox by itself is always on. The "off" state is controlled by and remembered on the server, so just don't turn it off before you disconnect the power.

2010-12-10, 00:54
Thanks, the item i found that works is a power down unit, i can get it it turn on by pressing the squeezebox remote power on button. So basically when i press the power on on my squeezebox it powers up the actual squeezebox unit as well as my amp but sometimes the squeezebox is off so, when i then press the power on button again it turns it all off, i really need it to be told by the server to always be on. I have an amp connected to the power down plug as well so when i press power on remote it powers on all my system.

2011-01-05, 21:07
This was possible in some very early versions of SqueezeCenter, but somewhere along the way, it got removed from the program. I have a whole-house audio system that powers off my SB3 when I turn off the system. Under SC 6.4 and earlier versions, the system would resume playing music when it powered up, but later versions of the program lost this capability. I had a Bugzilla request to return this function, but it received little support, and since the changeover to Logitech, I gave up on it.

Pascal Hibon
2011-01-05, 22:38
There is a “Power on Resume” setting under the “Audio” section of each player in SBS that allows you to set the player to resume playing when powered on. You can set that to “Pause at power off / Resume at power on”. I believe that should do the trick.

2011-01-06, 12:01
That doesn't work if the unit totally loses power, as it does when I power down my system. My unit is plugged into a switched outlet that totally cuts the power.

Pascal Hibon
2011-01-06, 12:49
I assume that you cut the power of the SB completely due to power consumption?
As a workaround, you could leave it powered all the time and use the “Auto Dim Display” plugin. That way you can reduce power consumption by automatically switch off the SB display during a defined timeframe. The SB will consume a lot less power when the display is off. You could reduce power even further by using Ethernet instead of wireless. I know it is not the same as cutting the power completely but at least you will have something that will work for you.

2011-01-06, 13:34
It's not the power consumption so much as the way the system works. I don't think there is a way to turn off the SB3 from the in-room controls without totally powering it off through the switched receptacle, which cuts the power totally. The system was designed with CD players in mind, not SBs.

2011-01-16, 07:03
Bugzilla case 4759 is where I originally filed a bug dealing with this issue back in 2007. It can be found here: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4759. This week I received a note from Alan that it will not be addressed.

2011-04-15, 12:29
I'd really like that the Squeezebox radio could restart automatically and play when the power resumes (as in my bathroom when I switch off the light, th epower outlets are down).


2011-04-16, 03:31
From Standby the Radio will start to play by simply pressing Play.
From a hard off (press and hold Power button or as is your case no power to unit) it can't just start playing.