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Tore Johnsson
2004-09-06, 09:00
I am very satisfied with SB (5.2.1) and the service from Kevin and the
people in the group of SB owners.

Although when I bought this SB I had wanted a manual. It is hard for a
beginner to learn and find information about how to handle SB, especially
for a non-English resident person.
So a request would be for a manual.

I get the different mails from the discuss, but the terminology from those
people who has knowledge about SB´s different possibilities, express
themselves sometimes to complex for a beginner.

So I would ask you kindly try to express yourself in a understandable way to
help us beginners.

I would also like to have an easier way to search - find specific
information rather than
"http://news.gmane.org/gmane.music.equipment.slimdevices.general" where I
get a lot of different pages to read.
Due to non native English language, it is hard to find the right words in
searching and therefore hard to find right information.


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Ämne: [slim] Server Upgrade Woes - Should have known better.

On Mon, September 6, 2004 7:50, Michael Bowyer said:
> Well, I can sympathise, I'm having the same issues myself. Having just
> spent almost $400 on a new SB and a graphic upgrade, all I have is an
expensive exercise
> in frustration. Frequent server drop-outs, frequent music drop-outs, and
> remote control buttons make the system virtually unusable. Every couple
of days there's
> a new beta server version and firmware upgrade that fixes some issues, but
> creates others. I'm sure Version 5 of slimserver has never been stable.
> Slim, please make it do what it says on the box - for non-geeks. The
> hardware is far too expensive to be this problematic.


I can sympathise, to a degree, and I believe that there should be a "stable"
version of
slimserver as well as a development branch.

The problem is that currently there doesn't seem to be a process to fix bugs
in the
production code without jumping to a development version which often has
many more
unresolved issues.

The stable version should be just that: stable; this would be the software
that most
end-users run. There should be incremental releases to fix bugs and some new
(if extensively tested).

The development branch should be where all new features are first
implemented and
tested. It will most likely be less stable than the "stable" branch, but
there should
still be formal releases that are fairly stable and usable "out-of-the-box".

For the real geeks (or masochists) there is always CVS (or the latest
nightly builds)
but anyone using these releases should not moan when things break!

Just my thoughts...