View Full Version : Hard time locking 44.1?

Steven Kramer
2004-09-06, 08:26
discuss-bounces (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com wrote:
> These issues are similar but different to my Rotel 1056 having issues
> playing the first part of each song.
> Via coax, 9-2 nightly, v35... if I...
> --play Flac uncompressed as WAV I have no issues locking.
> --play Flac compressed to MP3, it doesn't lock for a few seconds.
> --play MP3 as MP3, it doesn't lock for a few seconds.
> When I say "doesn't lock" I mean that if I press "play" the
> receiver takes a
> second or two before it realizes it's PCM and then it starts playing.

Okay, I just played with the file format conversions. I find that with Apple
--Apple ACC to AIFF I have 30+ seconds of stuttering pops and crackling at
--Apple ACC to MP3 sometimes a hickup right when it starts, but not much
--MP3 as MP3 maybe a hickup, but only when I skip to the next track. If I
just let it play through to the end of a track and start up no problem.

So I guess, I can play everything as MP3, though that kind of negates much
of the value of having lossless files.

Again, the ACC to AIFF problem only occurs when I switch from MP3 or when I
first start up. After the initial stuttering, I can play one or more ACC
albums to the end with no problem (except for the occassional few seconds
dropout every 30 minutes that others have discussed). Recently, I switched
to the iTunes music library, so I don't have flacs handy to test. But in the
past I had the exact same issues using flac. Again my system is WinXP wired
using the 9-5 nightly, v35.