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Christopher May
2004-09-06, 07:47

I second your view. I see where some nightlies have fixes, but they also
have more bugs... As a re-seller for Slim-Devices, I need to have a
stable version on our demo units. So I have to sit patiently hearing
about new firmware updates and such that I'm not going to DL until they
are all part of an official release that my customer's will be happy

I think it might be time for Slim-Devices to start thinking about how to
approach their customer base. I see two distinct categories: programmer,
computer geeks and audiophile geeks. The programmers seem to enjoy
testing nightlies and having the most up-to-date stuff, where the audio
geeks want the best sound quality (without dropouts) and simple to use
components and software. I think audio quality and dropouts need to be
priority #1 for the public/official releases.

Just a thought, (now I'm in computer geek mode, as this would be a new
feature) could there be a warning msg of some sort saying why we get
dropouts? Network stalled, or server unresponsive, or signal strength
too low? That would help people diagnose what is causing the audio
problems.... AND allow a lot of traffic here to be eased, if I could
look at my squeeze box and it tell me I've got too much wireless
interference, I'd be happy (pissed that I can't use the wireless
feature, but happy to know if I run a cable my woes should be over).
Currently all I can do on this forum is read posts and start trying to
isolate the numerous reasons out here for what other users are thinkig
caused their dropouts....


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On Mon, September 6, 2004 7:50, Michael Bowyer said:
> Well, I can sympathise, I'm having the same issues myself. Having just

> spent almost $400 on a new SB and a graphic upgrade, all I have is an
> expensive exercise in frustration. Frequent server drop-outs, frequent

> music drop-outs, and non-responding remote control buttons make the
> system virtually unusable. Every couple of days there's a new beta
> server version and firmware upgrade that fixes some issues, but
> usually creates others. I'm sure Version 5 of slimserver has never
> been stable.
> Slim, please make it do what it says on the box - for non-geeks. The
> hardware is far too expensive to be this problematic.


I can sympathise, to a degree, and I believe that there should be a
"stable" version of slimserver as well as a development branch.

The problem is that currently there doesn't seem to be a process to fix
bugs in the production code without jumping to a development version
which often has many more unresolved issues.

The stable version should be just that: stable; this would be the
software that most end-users run. There should be incremental releases
to fix bugs and some new features (if extensively tested).

The development branch should be where all new features are first
implemented and tested. It will most likely be less stable than the
"stable" branch, but there should still be formal releases that are
fairly stable and usable "out-of-the-box".

For the real geeks (or masochists) there is always CVS (or the latest
nightly builds) but anyone using these releases should not moan when
things break!

Just my thoughts...