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Steven Kramer
2004-09-06, 06:49
discuss-bounces (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I vaguely remember that someone here was saying about SB giving DAC
> hard time to lock. I happened to have Apogee Big Ben which is kind
> of a jitter cleaning device and today found that BB was having tough
> time to lock SB's signal. It started from like 43.90 and increasing
> step by step to 44.10 (sometimes 44.11 or 44.12), and stabled at
> 44.10 after about 30 seconds. Even after that, BB was/is still having
> difficulty to really hard-lock on it. I am too lazy to comb through
> the threads and if someone could give me a clue or direction, I would
> deeply appreciate it.
I too have trouble with my whole house system (ZON) not being able to lock
onto the digital signal from the Squeezebox. The problem also occurs with my
Pioneer receiver in my home theatre and a Phillips ISP5021 sound enhancer.
The problem only occurs when I first start playing lossless (either FLAC or
Apple Lossless). The system music stutters for 30 to 40 seconds and then is
fine until I switch formats. Then when I return to lossless, I get 30 to 40
seconds of stuttering. (Very occasionally, I thought this also happens going
back to MP3, but I have not noticed this lately. Maybe something was changed
in an update or maybe it just doesn't happen.) This makes it impossible to
mix MP3 and Lossless formats while using the digital outs and I have been
forced to use the analog outputs. By the way this is over a fully wired
network running Windows XP. When I contacted customer service about this
Kevin Pearson responded:

"I think this might be caused by track transition, especially when
changing formats."

"If for some reason the player has to rebuffer the stream (which can
occur during track transition), the S/P-DIF signal may drop out for a
very brief interval while the player rebuffers. This is actually
something we're trying to fix long-term, but have not been able to yet."

Actually, I am not convinced that this is the problem. First, the each zone
in the ZON system has its own DAC, and I can hear each one locking onto
different parts of the signal. So I can hear the dining room playing when
the kitchen loses its signal and visa versa. So a signal is being produced
it just cannot be locked into. By the way, the ZON works fine with other
digital inputs (e.g., MiniDisc, CD, the Phillips ISP5021). Second, I do not
consider 30 to 40 seconds to be brief. And I also suffer from the more
common dropout problem discussed so often, and again, this is over a wired

Not to beat a dead horse, I think this is the kind of problem that many of
feel should be addressed prior to new graphical displays. I, like others,
like Slim and the Squeezebox. I would really, really like to buy another,
but will not until these kinds of problems are addressed. And this is not a
slam at KDF or anyone else working on plug-ins and the interface. I just
want the music to come out of the box reliably.