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2010-12-06, 14:55
Hi Dear Touch users. I am new to this forum and my name is Michel. My Touch should arrive in a few days and I would like to use it in standalone mode with a self-powered 3.5’’ WD Elements 1.5T USB drive. Getting the touch to work well in standalone mode seems tricky. Although I gathered a number of tips from several forums (in particular in the recent thread from Jean, thanks !), I have a number of questions which, I hope, you will not find tedious.
1) External hard drive.
I would like to try ext2 or ext3 formating. Has anybody compared the 2 ? The ext 3 would only be useful if the Touch’s Unix can use journaling but otherwise be useless or worse. Any hints ?
Also, has anybody tried to add a swap space partition on the disk ? Again, it could either be positive in view of the limited Touch memory or detrimental since apparently the Touch doesn’t like extra partitions.
2) Music file compression.
I’m going to play mainly 16-44 flac files and some 24-96 flac files. Everybody seems to agree that flac compression should be not more that level 5. Has anybody tested if compression lower than 5 smoothes up functionning in standalone mode ? The size difference between flac 5 and Flac 0 is small. Is the fact that the disk should not be filled by more than 80% confirmed.
3) File tags and artwork.
I intend to navigate by directories and filenames. Is there a problem with leaving the flac files untagged? Some ripping and tagging software default to « unknown artist », etc… but others seem to leave the tags blank. Maybe it will decrease the size of the database which seems a major issue.
In the same instance, I will not add artwork. My display will look spartan but no tags and no artwork will also save me a lot of work…
4) Scanning.
I understand that I should do a full overnight scan after connecting the drive. There seems to be an issue with spontaneous rescans during which nothing should be played. When does the Touch rescans ? : Each time you switch it on, each time you start playing or each time it detects new files ? How long does it take ?
5) Networking
Is it correct that, in standalone mode, wired or wireless networking is useful only for TinySB upgrade or ssh to the touch? Can those be switched off when you dont need them?
6) SQ
I just saw one report here that sound quality is better with Squeezebox Server than in standalone. Any confirmation ?
Maybe the answers to several of these questions might be «try it ! ». That’s what I’ll do and give you a report. If someone has experience with some of these issues, this will help me. Thanks in advance.

2010-12-07, 07:10
Is the fact that the disk should not be filled by more than 80% confirmed.
This is a universal "truth", and not limited to the Touch. No harddisk of any type, in any use, anywhere, should ever be kept at more than 80% full (says Confucius). ;) So I doubt confirmation is needed.

Unfortunately I cannot answer any of the other questions, because I've only barely tested standalone mode with an SD card.

2010-12-07, 09:41
Well, regarding the usability of the built-in server, "try it!" :D

Based on what I've read about people struggling with TinySBS (the built-in version of the server on the Touch), it's generally not very good (yet?). Whatever you do, don't let fuzzing about with the internal server get in your way of a great SB experience. If you find it to work, good for you. If not, run SBS on a proper computer and be done with it, enjoy the music. I'm quite convinced that a proper server will provide a better experience in most cases.


2010-12-07, 10:00
I'm mentioned this is all these threads, but I do agree with the "TRY IT" idea. My brother is using the "tiny SbS" with an attached USB drive holding about 50,000 mp3 files (most with embedded artwork) and it works very well. The TOUCH is wifi connected and he also has a BOOM (wifi) that is connecting to the TOUCH tinySbS. All works flawless (his wifi network is pretty good and house is small). So, it can work nicely under some (many?) circumstances.