View Full Version : Potential bug/resource issue

2004-09-05, 19:39
Running the latest (9/5/04) nightly with firmware v35.
SqueezeboxG, wired ethernet.
Slimserver hw - PIII 800mhz, 256mb ram.
Linux RH FC1.

~60k songs. I've gone down to 10k songs and the same problem happens.

While playing a song, I search music by song title (or artist, or genre,
or anything) and it is not found, the slimserver will continue to play
without problems for about 8 seconds, then the player (correctly)
displays Empty. Then about 5 seconds later, slimserver will shoot up to
90% cpu utlization, and the songs (happens with flac, wav or 192b mp3)
will drop out. The display cycles between Empty and the currently
playing song. When slimserver goes to the next song, the problem

Open up a bug, or can anyone replicate the problem? If not, then I'll
be ordering more RAM soon to see if that fixes the problem.