View Full Version : Server Upgrade Woes - Should have known better.

Phillip Kerman
2004-09-05, 18:03
I really don't have an issue whether resources are spent on bugs vs.
plugins. I don't think it's a fair assumption to say plugins necessarily
detract from fixing bugs... maybe, maybe not.

But... Roger has a valid point: the release version of the software and
firmware are below the expectation of many users. Notice, though, how few
people every really get on slim's case--Roger didn't and I don't mean to.
The current nightly that I have hasn't lost contact with the server once--so
I'm happy. But, it's still far from perfect. No one really expects
"perfection" but the general point made (that bugs should be prioritized) is
valid. I think it's already being done however. Though, at this point, I
think perhaps the concentration on bugs should be increased or ANY

I have my own pet issues that still remain... and I know I place the
bug-type issues higher than the enhancement-type issues.