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2004-09-05, 17:00
You see lots of bug reports on this list because this list is populated by
the 1% of the user base that is interested in newer features and is
downloading nightly builds to test them out.

I mean, honestly, if it bothers you so much then just stick to the standard
release version of the software which has very few bugs.

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Jeoff, I accept everything you say and I appreciate your explanation but you
have only got to look through this list to see the problems that people are
having. I think it's great that so many clever people are able to contribute
their ideas and their plugins etc., but you cannot escape the fact that the
basic software/firmware is full of holes. You download the latest nightly to
get rid of a minor irritant and end up with 2 more! See my next post and
you'll see that I am not the only one. Why not stop all development other
than working towards a bug free issue (as best as possible, I am not asking
the impossible!). Make it available to the likes of me, i.e. Joe public, and
have a team of invited users/programmers to beta test, develop and debug the
next "public" release? Seems to work for many other software producers. When
I bought my SB, I had no idea what "open source" meant and didn't know that
I was buying a WIP product.

So, no offence to anyone, I know that most of you guys know a lot more about
programming than I do, and perhaps my suggestion defeats the very meaning of
open source, but guys, all I ask is for a basic product that works reliably.
I paid 199 UKP which is nearly twice the price of the US product so I don't
think it's too much to expect it to work for more than a couple of days at a
time, don't you?

Best regards

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Roger Mitchell wrote:

> I couldn't care less about having the date and time on my device when
> it's in stand-by mode! I have got a PDA, laptop, desktop and even some
> old-fashioned printed calendars on the wall - I've already got about 5
> digital clocks in my lounge which are accurate to about 3 seconds
> every million years. I don't want the cricket results, the football
> results or the results on my mother-in-law's blood test. I don't want
> to listen to the BBC because I already have about 5 radios throughout
> the house and I can record what I want to listen to later. I don't
> want sine-waves or any other sort of waves.
> Best regards
> Roger, Newbury, UK

You do understand that the people who have written the PLUGINS are not
SlimDevices programmers. They are people who wanted that feature for
themselves and decided to be nice and share their work with others who may
want it. Note that with the exception of a few very POPULAR plugins Slim
keeps them optional. SHOUTcast is one that Slim felt would be better just
included, and since it deal with expanding the core of Slim (listening to
music) it seems a good fit to me.

The thing with consumer devices is balancing quality and feature lists.
I think Slim has done a very good job with that. I think that Slim is
working strictly on eliminating bugs, I am not in the know but I bet the
reason why the Graphic display was added is because it became econimcally
feasible to start using the newer graphic displays. Notice how they did not
change the price of the device ;) I actually would not be surprised to find
out that the Graphic display works out cheaper for them.