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2010-12-02, 21:18

I have a SB Classic and Boom, connected via LAN. iTunes and Squeeze Server run on the same machine. All music files are stored on a separate WD NAS. This drive is mapped as a network drive. The NAS is treated as file storage only.

One of the problems with this setup is that both iTunes and Squeeze Server seem to forget where the music is stored and reset back to a local drive folder. I can restore the connection, rescan, and all is good, but this is manual process that needs to be repeated frequently.

The questions:
- Under the "iTunes" tab, I selected the "Use iTunes" checkbox. But, how should "iTunes Music Library.xml Location" and "iTunes Media Folder" be specified?
- How do I set this up such that the iTunes Music Library.xml can be read on the same machine where iTunes application and Squeeze Server reside, while referencing files stored on the NAS?
- How do I set this up such that it stops resetting the locations for the library.xml and iTunes media folder?
- Under the "Basic Settings" tab, what should the entries be for Music Folder and Playlists Folder?

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