View Full Version : Web streaming

Christopher May
2004-09-05, 15:09
I have my slimserver at home up and running. I have added some port
fowarding so I can access its stream from the internet. I can access
this stream from remote locations using iTunes or winamp.

Now, is it possible to have ANOTHER SqueezeBox access the stream? I have
made a playlist with the correct URL, but when I select it, I do not get
any music. AS soon as I select the playlist and press play, the
Squeezebox flashes something VERY fast, it appears to say
"connecting...", but it is on and off the screen so fast I wouldn't
swear to it. There is nothing on the screen to indicate if I was
connected or not, but if I go to "Now Playing" it says "playlistName
stopped". I have tried this with password protection on and off and I
get the same results.

If I go to the slimserver page on my home computer, I can see 1 player,
the iTunes player I have connected successfully. Can the slimserver not
distinguish between two remote players that happen to be coming from the
same IP?

If I can get the player to connect, will I still have to go to the home
slimserver page to set up a playlist and start it playing?

Christopher May