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Eric Loomis
2004-09-05, 12:31
Thanks for all the info!!

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Quoting Eric Loomis <eloomis (AT) woh (DOT) rr.com>:

> 2) The server doesn't respond to "server setting" changes. Often
> times its okay for one setting. But when I go back a second time and
> server settings again I just get a blank screen?

This is a known bug with 5.2.1 and is fixed in nightly builds:

> 3) Skin changes don't happen. Note: I usually leave all my
> machines set to standard and then use my roaming PDA and just do the
> http://server:9000/handheld URL to access. Problem is now I get a "not
> found" message? Or sometimes just a terribly messed up display.

it needs to be http://server:9000/Handheld/
> 4) The server often gets out of sync with player. You pop up the
> server on any machine and it says now playing."X" but the slimp3 is
> playing "Y".

can't help on this one. doesnt' seem to happen on mine.

> Any help or suggestions are appreciated. BTW, is there any way I can a
> of older versions of the slim server? One course of action might be to go
> back and use my original software. However, in a act of stupidity I
> to save off the old copy.


all versions can be found there. nightlies and official releases.