View Full Version : New remote, but "This player is already linked to another Squeezenetwork account"

2010-12-01, 18:25
I get the above message when trying to connect to SqueezeNetwork using a new remote. This is not a new SqueezeNetwork account as I have had it for 2 years now. My old remote died but it worked fine up until its demise.

Before I get this message the remote gives me a PIN and tells me to "enter your PIN to connect to your account" but I am flummoxed as to where I enter the pin. Ive logged into my MySqueezebox account and cant find anywhere to enter a pin, though it may be a moot point if the first problem above is the big-mamma-problem.

Any ideas?

2010-12-01, 22:16
Remote ? is it a controller we are talking about .

PIN ? it must have 2 years old firmware on it, this is the old squeezenetwork login method since the 7.3 days .

You can check this there is a menu somewhere .

Upgrade it to 7.5.x something and do a factory reset.

Have you got it second hand ? The previous owner should have deleted it from his mysb.com account ?

I suggest noting down it's mac address (on sticker in battery compartment) and contacting support, only they can fix this. If the previous owner can't