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2010-12-01, 17:07
I'm getting on very well with my Touch and that's all due to the wise words of advice I've gleaned from here so thank you all. Whilst the Touch is absolutely fine I'm not sure about the best way to control it remotely. The SBS is installed on my desktop computer in my study while the Touch is connected to my music system in another room. I sit around 12 feet or so from the Touch and as others have found I find the screen difficult to read accurately from that distance. Currently therefore I have to get up and move closer to it or control it wirelessly from my laptop, which works fine but is somewhat cumbersome; or use a pair of opera glasses so I can read the display from my seat and use the Touch remote to make changes which is somewhat daft and eccentric but which does work. I'm not a couch potato by the way but I do sometimes enjoy the luxury of not having to leave my seat. So what alternatives are there? What do others do? I should add that I don't have an IPod but could buy one I suppose if that is the only worthwhile route. I believe there is a Logitec controller which might do the job but is not far off an IPod in price terms I believe.what else could I consider? As always any advice will be gratefully received.

2010-12-01, 17:23
IMHO, iPeng on iPad is absolutely the best way to control SB devices, but it is a bit pricey. iPeng on iPod is also ok, but the bigger screen on the iPad makes it a joy to use. Of course, the benefit of getting an iPod/iPad is that they can do lots of other things other than controlling Squeezeboxes.

I may be stating the obvious here, but would it be possible to locate the Touch closer to your seating location and use longer cables to connect to your stereo?

2010-12-02, 03:28
iSomething , with one or both of the apps avaible

Squeezebox controller

Andriod phone of some kind there is and adriod app to .

Squeezeplay running on some kind of computer as alternative to the web-UI

2010-12-02, 04:14
I think ipeng is the way to go. Not only are all the Squeezebox controls right at eyesight distance anywhere, but also the Internet and so many other valuable applications are available too. For instance, right now I am listening and controlling my Squeezeboxes and also checking out these forums .
Just be cautious because the potential to actually evolve into a couch potato is a clear and ever-present danger. IMHO

2010-12-02, 04:59

I'm a very happy user of Squeeze Commander & a Samsung Galaxy Tab for that 7" Touch remote.

For the same reasons as iPeng on iPad, it's a slightly different but equally brilliant multi tasking combination...

Cheers David

2010-12-02, 05:03
One word "iPeng". Get some kind of 'iThing' and download the iPeng app. This gives you in your face anywhere your WiFi network reaches control of any and all Squeezeboxes on ones network. And one ends up with an Apple device that can be used elsewhere. iPad, iPhone, iTouch all make great devices to run iPeng on. A used iTouch with iPeng is way cheaper then buying a stand alone Squeezebox Controller plus one ends up with an iThingy to use also.

Sure there are tablets, netbooks, laptops, et al but most are more expensive and larger (read cumbersome) then a simple iThingy.

So for cordless portable control, I vote for using iPeng.

Pascal Hibon
2010-12-02, 05:05
+1 for iPeng. I use it on my iPod Touch to control my 3 Squeezebox players. Works fantastic.

2010-12-02, 05:35
+1 for iPod Touch and iPeng. I got an iPod Touch recently and loaded iPeng on it before I loaded any music on it :-). It really is fantastic to use.

My favorite feature is that albums are displayed in *year* order! :-). I've been waiting for years for Logitech to fix this in their software. If you perfer the alphabetical listing of albums, you can configure iPeng to do it that way too.

I only have my iPod Touch for 4 days or so and already I'm using my laptop a lot less. It's amazing how useful it is for surfing the web even with such a small screen.

2010-12-02, 08:37
I have a pair of 15 foot RCA interconnect cables using Mogami Quad Mic cable. When I want to use the Touch in my sound room, I just connect it (from my listening position) to my preamp with these cables. I have the Touch AC plugged into an outlet beside me, and the long interconnects running accross the floor to my preamp. This gives me all of the convenience of the touch screen and it sounds great! When done listening, I simply unplug the RCA interconnects from the Touch and leave the Touch on the table beside my listening position. The long interconnects are looped and hang on the side of my stereo cabinet when not in use.

2010-12-04, 11:15
Thanks to you all for some very helpful advice. My Touch is visible from across the room but plumbed in, so moving it closer is not really an option. It looks as though I shall have to pluck up courage and take a bite of Apple.

Thank you.

2010-12-04, 11:17
Don't forget to have a look into SqueezePad as well, if you go for an iPad.

2010-12-05, 07:58
I'm surprised how well the tiny screen on my SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro worked out with the SB Server. As a player it works great. And if one use the phone as portable player it is a great feature to download currently playing song to the phone.
Searching album cover art and making playlists the X10 Mini will be outperformed by devices with a bigger screen.

2010-12-05, 12:42
I have an SE X10 mini and a HTC desire. Just about the opposite ends of screen-estate available on an android-phone. I actually tend to prefer Squeezecommander on the x10 mini over the Desire. The Desire requires less focus to hit the right "touch-spot". But the x10 mini just fits my hand better. The Desire for me is more a two-handed device.

Oh. And I recommend Squeezecommander for Android-based devices by the way. One of the neatest features is that it doesn't require Wlan to work. It can work across the mobile internet as well.