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2010-12-01, 13:30

I've hade a Squeezebox for getting on 10 years now I guess. I actually have two SB1s; two 'Booms'; and a 'controller'.

Not so long ago, the Booms would sync with the 'main' SB1. Now, when trying to listen to internet radio the SB1 just doesn't seem to cut it, it's permanently buffering and 'waiting to sync'.

I'm using 7.5.1 on a Windows 7 PC with a Netgear DG834G router/modem. According to the server settings panel the wireless strength on the Boom (which is one room closer to the router) is 71%, the SB1 is at 48%. Switching them isn't practical as the SB1 sits on top of an old 'separates' amp/speakers set-up and the Boom is in the kitchen.

I know the SB1 is really old tech by now - but it used to work OK. Is there anything in terms of compatibility/capability that could be causing this?

There is one thing I wonder about: it's a relatively new PC and I'm fairly sure it's connecting to the router wirelessly despite being hard-wired via an ethernet cable (I don't know how to make it switch over). I wonder if this means the 'double hop' of wireless signals, from PC to router, then router to SB1 is causing problems, while the Boom is better able to cope??

Any advice or thoughts?

(as I usually say at this stage; I'm not great with computers, but I love the whole SB family/capabilities)



Pascal Hibon
2010-12-01, 14:47
I believe the rebuffering on the SB1 is more related to the low WiFi signal level. You can try moving your wireless router around to get better wifi reception on the SB1. Or connect the SB1 to network using an Ethernet cable instead of wireless.

2010-12-02, 05:11
48% is not good .

SB1 has a much smaller buffer than all new players from SB2 and up .

So yes it will have more wifi problems compared to a new player.

Getting the server wired will cut the wifi traffic 1/2 and is a good very good idea, especially with a lot of players.

Also the server computer might use bandwith for other stuff that could also cut performance a bit.

You can also wire players if possible.

2010-12-03, 12:11
thanks guys,

In the end, I did a bit of research into 'homeplug' devices and went to get a set of them, so the SB1 is now wired into the server. It also allows me to extend the wireless coverage a little bit for a netbook. Seems to work fine, with three out of four 'boxes' now working fine.

THe one that's not is downstairs - and under the floor is covered with silver backed insulating foil, which I'm sure isn't doing anything for the signal. Maybe another 'homeplug' will be needed there.



2010-12-06, 14:32
There is an important side benefit to getting your SB1s on some kind of wired connection, whether it be homeplug or ethernet. Assuming that these are the only 802.11b devices on your network, once you get them wired you can (1) run your wireless in "g" mode instead of mixed b/g mode, which will improve wireless performance for all your 802.11g devices, and (2) move to a more secure wifi encryption such as WPA or WPA2, instead of the WEP that the SB1 is limited to.