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2004-09-05, 09:05
Maybe a detailed description of problems you are having, instead of a
diatribe against features you don't use, would be useful in helping to solve
your problem.


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Subject: [slim] Server Upgrade Woes - Should have known better.

I'm sorry to be negative as well but I think that we are suffering from
"feature runaway". Those great people at Slim and the network of programmers
out there are being too helpful producing features and add-ins for the
minority (do you really know how many people want features over quality and
performance. I'll bet a straw poll would be very revealing). All I want from
my squeezebox is to be able to sit in my lounge and listen with reasonable
quality to my music collection through my mid-high range hi-fi and I'll bet
that the majority of users want that too! I am able to achieve that despite
slimserver not because of it, it would seem.

I couldn't care less about having the date and time on my device when it's
in stand-by mode! I have got a PDA, laptop, desktop and even some
old-fashioned printed calendars on the wall - I've already got about 5
digital clocks in my lounge which are accurate to about 3 seconds every
million years. I don't want the cricket results, the football results or the
results on my mother-in-law's blood test. I don't want to listen to the BBC
because I already have about 5 radios throughout the house and I can record
what I want to listen to later. I don't want sine-waves or any other sort of

Please programmers - you are all brilliant so don't get me wrong - I
couldn't do it, but then I am just an ordinary bloke that enjoys playing
with computers and listening to a large collection of music. I would really
like to able to do this over my network without "lost contact" messages
resulting in me having to trudge upstairs to my office to reset everything,
or shoutcast broadcasts that sound like "the chipmunks".

Don't get me wrong - I love my non-graphical squeezebox, but how about
*really* eliminating the bugs and producing an even greater software
experience before adding more features..... please?

This is a bit of a rant, but I love you all really....!!

Best regards
Roger, Newbury, UK


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Subject: [slim] Server Upgrade Woes - Should have known better. (Please


I have been the proud owner of slimp3 (original, wired version) for some two
years. Except for resetting due to power outages, the occasional network
glitch, etc. my slimp3 has been happily orchestrating my whole house audio
system without any problems. Next to my ipod it is probably my most beloved
item on my geek list. Following my standard "don't ever upgrade" until
casts of thousands have worked out the bug's mantra..I had used the original
(4.X?) version of slim server that came with my original purchase until last
week. I NEVER had a problem with the server software.

Through some temporary act of insanity I decided to upgrade to the latest
version of slimp3 (5.2.1) thinking that it would offer some much-needed
features. Arggggh.what a mistake. Since that day I have had nothing but

1) The server constantly fails to recognize the slimp3 device - almost
at random. Never had this problem before. I either have to run downstairs
and power cycle the unit - or start and stop the slimp3 service?

2) The server doesn't respond to "server setting" changes. Often
times its okay for one setting. But when I go back a second time and select
server settings again I just get a blank screen?

3) Skin changes don't happen. Note: I usually leave all my networked
machines set to standard and then use my roaming PDA and just do the
http://server:9000/handheld URL to access. Problem is now I get a "not
found" message? Or sometimes just a terribly messed up display.

4) The server often gets out of sync with player. You pop up the
server on any machine and it says now playing."X" but the slimp3 is actually
playing "Y".

5) Other never seen before problems.

What gives? Did the quality of the software degrade over two years? Has
feature creep taken over for quality control?

While somewhat new to the "repair your slimp3 installation" saga - I have
tried several things. Reinstalling the software, moving it from its happy
home (at least originally) on an HP Home machine to a newer XP Professional
machine. No go, same problems. Even tried downloading the beta 5.3 copy.
Same problems

I had really hoped to avoid spending hours in the simdevices support group
to get things working again. However, I must say I thank god for all the
people out there since I'm confident that were my solution lives.

BTW, none of the problems are related to itunes or my ipod. This
installation sits all by itself on another machine on the network.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. BTW, is there any way I can a copy
of older versions of the slim server? One course of action might be to go
back and use my original software. However, in a act of stupidity I forgot
to save off the old copy.

Depressed in Ohio,