View Full Version : AccuRadio: web page christmas streams

2010-11-28, 08:20
AccuRadio has many christmas channels on their web page, how do u stream them or import them to Squeezebox. They are not listed under Accuradio on Squeezebox server...hope i explained myself clearly... thank you

2010-12-17, 08:23
still hoping for an answer

2010-12-17, 08:39
I can't help you with AccuRadio Christmas. But if you go to Internet Radio > Search > *christmas*, you will have dozens of christmas only streams to choose from.
Many of these are 128k which will sound much better than AccuRadio's lowly 64k streams.

2010-12-17, 11:56
Thank you for suggestion but search function not working, Internet Radio > Search > click on search no place to enter Christmas, it goes right to "no results"

2010-12-17, 16:06
Hmmmm.... works fine for me. Maybe try rebooting your player? If using a Radio or Boom are you turning the big knob to select alpha characters?

2010-12-20, 07:23
No trying to search through web control, no empty space to enter search item it goes right to no search results. I'm using I believe the orginal slim wireless device