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2004-09-05, 05:28
Thanks. I hadn't tried factory reset (and can't make it work even now!).
The evidence seems to point to a firmware corruption but I can't work out how/ why it would have happened..
The sequence was
1. SB doesn't play => power cycle & enter set up: notice IP address is set to a 192.168.1.x address: reset it to the fixed IP on my network
2. SB doesn't find the server => attach it to wired network
(I can't remember if I reloaded the firmware (31) by the remote brightness key before or after it worked on the wired network, but at same stage it was working)
3. Start to investigate wireless network. SB has connected to the right SSID but on the Access Point status notice a new MAC device denied access. (Nervously) allowed it access to find it was the SB.

I'm pleased the 'new' addresses aren't random; I hope the firmware doesn't get corrupted again but I'd appreciate a fw update to fix the MAC addresses back again.
Thanks and best regards

Sean Adams <sadams (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com> wrote:

Interesting - never seen this before. Is anyone else seeing this? You
can check your MAC address under information->player information.

Those random numbers are actually the specific "magic" MAC addresses
which are the defaults that are loaded in the firmware image. During
factory programming they're changed to the serialized MACs which are
unique to the unit. Somehow they got reverted back, which of course
isn't supposed to happen.

Have you ever tried to use the "factory reset" feature (press & hold
"add" while power-cycling)? This should NOT break your MAC addresses -
just curious.

Having those MACs in there will not cause any functional problem,
although it would be easy to make you a special firmware image to set
them back to what they're supposed to be. I'll send you a fw image in a
separate email to fix this.

On Sep 4, 2004, at 2:41 PM, Matthew Trowbridge wrote:

> It says on the base label:
> Ethernet: 00:04:20:05:45:80
> Wireless: 00:04:20:05:45:81
> (which is what they were when new)
> They are now (2 weeks later):
> Ethernet 76:a2:ef:ec:82:e2
> Wireless B4:26:76:7D:53:5D
> I didn't do anything proactively in between (to Slim server or
> squeezebox)
> After I upgraded the server to XP SP2 I found the squeezebox couldn't
> find the server...but it wasn't an SP2 problem
> My wireless AP only allows specific MAC addresses to connect - that's
> when I found that the MAC address on the box had changed.
> After allowing the new MAC address through the AP everything is OK
> again.
> Any ideas how/ why they changed?