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2010-11-26, 17:50
Would it be hard to scan every 2 or 3 days? (Or "X" days for that matter?)

What about checking the days of the week we want to do a complete (or other) rescan (or both?)

I understand that the "new" version will take care of this, I haven't had a whole lot of luck getting that version working. Even if the "new" versions work, wouldn't it be better to have scanning based-on the users' preferences?


2010-11-27, 00:12
You can use the Rescan Music Library to rescan once per day.

The scanner in 7.5 is a separate program, so you could also launch it from a script or batch file using some other scheduler. Running scanner.pl (scanner.exe) will show you a list of options.

Usage: scanner.pl [debug options] [--rescan] [--wipe] [--itunes] [--musicip] <path or URL>

Command line options:

--force Force a scan, even if we think a scan is already
taking place.
--cleanup Run a database cleanup job at the end of the scan
--rescan Look for new files since the last scan.
--wipe Wipe the DB and start from scratch
--playlists Only scan files in your playlistdir.
--itunes Run the iTunes Importer.
--musicip Run the MusicIP Importer.
--progress Show a progress bar of the scan.
--json FILE Write progress information to a JSON file.
--prefsdir Specify alternative preferences directory.
--priority set process priority from -20 (high) to 20 (low)
--logfile Send all debugging messages to the specified logfile.
--logdir Specify folder location for log file
--logconfig Specify pre-defined logging configuration file
--debug various debug options
--quiet keep silent


scanner.pl --rescan /Users/dsully/Music

scanner.pl http://www.somafm.com/groovesalad.pls

2010-11-27, 01:37
Will the Auto scan really work I have my doubts ?

What would it do when I start to add new files for example ?

Will it wait until i added a complete album to do the scan ?

As the scanner works now where it depends also on file structure and folder structure for some decision will this be a mess if the scanner finds the file as they are added, and what about the folder.jpg