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Derek and/or Lesley Atlansky
2004-09-04, 19:48
I was running it as a user called 'slim' that I installed the software with.
I changed it to run as root and it still has the same problem.

Do you know where this data is stored? I have my "cachedir" set as
/home/slim/cache. This looks like the logical place. The subdirectories
under my /home/slim/cache directory look like this:

Is this what yours looks like? I am wondering if HTML is for the HTML
caching, but my id3 cache is not being created?

Thanks a lot for your help,


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>Are you talking about the "Music Library Database" option?
>("The information
>from each file in your music library can be saved in a
>cache when the server
>finishes scanning. It can then be reloaded quickly when it
>starts again.")
>If so, I have this set to "Cache," which seems like that
>would do it. It
>doesn't, however.

Hmm. Swedish menus are a bit diffrent... You have set the
right thing. Are you sure you logged in as admin or root or
someone else woth writepermissions on the disk? Maybe that
is your problem.

Bästa hälsningar/Best Regards
Nalle Johansson