View Full Version : broken remote control

2010-11-23, 13:08
Toddler has broken the clip off my Squeezebox remote control battery cover....

Anyone know if it's possible to obtain a new back or if not a new remote?

I think it's the remote that came with my Transporter.

This one..



2010-11-23, 14:10
I don't think you can get that remote any longer, but depending on where you are you may be able to get the IR remote that comes with the Touch, or the mini-remote that comes with the Boom. Check the www.logitech.com site, being sure to set the location (see lower left of home page) for your country, because their online stores don't do much selling across borders. Then go to the Touch page and look under Support and then under Replacement Parts (noting that in some countries the latter doesn't exist even on the web site).

The Touch remote is smaller than the Transporter remote, and doesn't have all of the same buttons, though I forget which buttons it doesn't have, although one of them is probably Brightness, which is useful for firmware updates. But it does have the alphanumeric keys, which is great for searching, etc. The Boom remote is really tiny, and doesn't have any of the alphanumeric keys.

Alternatively, most universal remotes can be programmed to emit the SB codes.