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Phillip Kerman
2004-09-04, 19:36
Here's one tidbit of extra info... the issue with my receiver not locking
onto the digital signal seems directly related to using a bitrate limit.
That is, when I have "no limit" the receiver never loses the lock (and goes
silent). When I have it set to 320Kbps it loses lock every time I press


> Here's a really bad bug report... but it's legit.
> I tried optimizing my computer to see if I could get wireless without
> dropouts... and set the no-limit...then did a soft reboot on
> the SB. (v35
> 2-sept nightly)
> Anyway, the dropouts are very minimal but still not worth the
> cringing they
> cause.
> However a couple other weird things:
> the L/R swap issue definitely re-appeared and then went away
> when I did
> another soft boot.
> My rotel 1056 seems to have stopped it's annoying behavior of
> needing to
> relock onto PCM everytime I press "play" on the SB remote
> (that is, I was
> missing the first second or two of any song I started this way).
> One FLAC file got interpreted my the receiver as HDCD. It
> must be my issue
> but I ripped the track the same way.
> Thanks,
> Phillip