View Full Version : First ReadyNAS Pro Problem

2010-11-21, 12:18
Been running Squeezebox on a couple of ReadyNAS Pros, and went to update one and now it's non-functional (Squeezecenter, not the ReadyNAS). When I run the database cleaner and reboot, I get the message:

Unsuccessful dropping SqueezeCenter database.

Happens with 7.5.2 or 7.5.1. Has anyone else seen it or at least know a cause and even better, a solution?


mark wollschlager
2010-11-21, 17:55
The "Unsuccessful dropping SqueezeCenter database."
message indicate that the database has been cleared and dropped.
What happens when you go to http://ip_of_nas:9000 ?
Does Frontview work ok?


2010-11-22, 18:13
No. Can't get to the server settings at all. Probably should have mentioned that in the original post...

Pascal Hibon
2010-12-02, 13:31
Follow the lengthy installation process as documented here: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SqueezeCenter_on_ReadyNAS
That should do it.

2010-12-12, 10:03
That is the process I was using; have used it successfully before, but now this??

Pascal Hibon
2010-12-12, 10:08
Also make sure that the Twonki plugin is disabled before installing SBS. For some reason these two donít like each other very much.
Another ReadyNAS user had the same problem and he defaulted his complete NAS and started the install all over again. That did the trick for him.