View Full Version : Problems with special characters in file-/songnames

Olaf Seifert
2004-09-04, 17:23
Alexander, kdf

thanks for your replies. I figured out that path- and filenames are the
bad ones, not the ID3-tags. Therefore, one can keep the titles of the
songs (even with double quotes) but has to rename the belonging files
and/or folders. Even with iTunes not running, iTunes noticed the
changes of the names on my Mac (choosing within "Finder" the main
folder with my music in it, typing the double quote-character in the
search line at the top of the folder window - with searching in
selection activated -, renaming all items found).

Obviously, the way iTunes generates the file- and pathnames for an
imported title depends on the settings/version of iTunes, for most of
my songs with double quotes in their names were saved with filenames
WITHOUT double quotes but with underscores. Lucky me. Only "older"
files (imported with an older iTunes-version or different settings -
I'm not quite sure) were "infected".

Single quotes were no problem for me at any time.

Everything's fine now.