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2010-11-19, 00:39
Need some advice here.

I have my Squeezebox server on a dedicated PC running XP. Updated the server to 7.5.1 about two weeks ago, smooth update, no problems. I think (Wife restarted the PC, so not 100% sure) McAfee pushed an update to SecurityCentre personal firewall a few days ago, now running version 11.5. Squeeze has refused to work since.

Checked all the usual firewall problems, ports, permissions, but no joy. Server starts and runs, diagnostics page reports OK for everything, library OK, but the server can't see any players (I have 6) and the players can't see the server.

I can open port :9000 on the server from another PC and run the server web interface OK, so something is getting through and the server seems healthy, but I am at a bit of a loss as to the next step.

Any suggestions?

2010-11-19, 00:49
port 3483 tcp AND udp this for the "player discovery" among other things .

port 9000 is only the web-UI

McAffe is not doing something weird re udp acess.

At my work we unfortunately suffer McAffe , it has lately introduced some weird "firewall like thing" on it's own i parallel with the windows firewall.
This can be turned of by the tray icon via some menu, i think it's 2 kinds of intrusion detection something and a firewall.

2010-11-19, 02:04

Thanks for the reply.

Ports 3483 UDP and TCP/IP open, as is 9000 TCP/IP.

Tried turning the firewall off, still no luck - I recall a previous McAfee 'improvement' where the firewall had to be un-installed to get squeeze to work. Firewall history logs activity on 3483 but doesn't say whether it was blocked or not. The UI is pretty hopeless with Securitycentre.

Is anyone running SecurityCentre personal firewall 11.5 (build 11.5.140) OK?

It is dated 11/11/2010.

2010-11-19, 11:06
I've been running the McAfee updae for a few days and have not had any problems since the update installed. I'm running Vista and everything is normal.

I have had on occasion had to go into McAfee to change the permissions for Squeeze programs, sometimes they just get messed up or an update to either Squeeze of McAfee puts another instance in the directory and they don't get the permissions carried over. So I would go thru the permissions, and even sometimes change to Deny and then back to Allow. Don't know why it happens but I have had luck with that before. But since computers seem to be like snowflakes and everyone is unique, who knows.....

2010-11-21, 00:04
I got the damn thing fixed. Nothing to do with McAfee, the firewall update was coincidental.

For the benefit of anyone else who has the same problem, details as follows:

My server is an old XP box dedicated to squeeze - I named it AVroom. I (foolishly) entered 'AVroom library' into the 'Music library name' box under the library tab on the server control panel at around the same time as the McAfee firewall update took place - I was fiddling with the squeeze installation and saw the library name box and thought it was a good idea to fill it in ......

When I was reseting my transporter for the umpteenth time yesterday, I noticed it displayed two servers - 'AVroom' and 'AVroom library'. Why, how, I have no idea - but clearly something was getting confused between the PC name and the server name.

I deleted the name 'AVroom library' in the 'Music library name' box, and everything now works fine again.