View Full Version : Ongoing reboot problems

Beesley, S
2004-09-04, 09:11
My problems with continuous reboots of my SB before it connects are ongoing even after loading the V35 firmware.

My setup is as follows:
- Wireless
- Infrastructure mode
- Brand new SB (with new graphic display) - problems since day-1 (2 weeks ago) and firmware V31

I have noticed the following things:
- If I choose setup networking and simply right-arrow through the remembered settings then it 99% of times connects within 1 second (timer on 19) and then it's OK
- If I let it connect automatically it will 18 out of 20 times crash and reboot just as it connects to the wireless network. It says connecting to SSID XXXXX, counts down to 10, tries to connect and reboots.
- If I leave it alone, then after approx > 18 reboots, it connects and is then OK.
- Once connected, it will work for about 20 mins and then crashes and reboots and I have to start again.

Some further info,
- If I connect manually using setup networking, then it always takes < 2 seconds to connect to SSID (i.e. timer is on about 19 or 18) and it's OK
- If I leave it to connect by itself, then it (18 out of 20 times) always gets to 10 and then crashes and reboots.
- If I press the right arrow whilst it is counting down to speed up the countdown (is this a bug?), it still gets to 10 and then crashes.
- On the circa 2 out of 20 times that it is going to work, it gets past 10 to 9 and then connects.

I don't understand how if it remebers which wireless mode to use, that it always gets down to 10 on auto connect?

This is not a signal strength problem. If I put the SB next to the access point I get 95%+ and still the same problems.

Any clues anybody? This is a great box, but I think I have a hardware problem.