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2010-11-11, 14:11

I have a setup with a Squeezebox receiver in the living room. I have deactivated the digital volume because I want to use my analog volume for my hifi sound.

Now I'm considering to buy another receiver or boom/radio. But naturally, I want the digital volume to work on the Squeezebox Radio for example. But I do not want to activate it for my receiver in the living room. The setup in SqueezeCenter seems to indicate that such setup isn't possible. However that just seems like a design flaw if that's really the case - so is it? Or is it somehow possible to differentiate what I want here?


2010-11-11, 22:02
You can configure (and control) the volume of each device independently. From your description I take it that you are using the web interface to configure/control your Squeezebox. If you have more than one Squeezebox, you click on the down arrow right next to the Squeezebox's name. This brings up a list of your Squeezeboxes and you pick the one you want to configure. BTW, you cannot disable the volume control for the SB Radio/Touch (and possibly the Boom).

2010-11-11, 22:10
BTW, you cannot disable the volume control for the SB Radio/Touch (and possibly the Boom).
For the 7.5 software, there's a 3rd party patch to lock the volume level of Touch; that's a standard option in 7.6. Also 3rd party software will let you lock or cap the volume of Boom or Radio if you use Squeezebox Server.

2010-11-11, 22:13
Yes and the player settings is per player too so one can be fixed and the other adjustable.

You can also set them to not sync volume if you synchronize them .

Give the players different names both choosing player and adjusting player settings quickly gets confusing when all player is "squeezebox"

2010-11-12, 09:12
Thats excellent news. Now my son can get a SB Radio :)

I'm actually running a Duet in the living room. And I'm using SqueezeIR to control the analog volume of my AVI speakers. It works 100% :)

Thanks for your replies...