View Full Version : Playing back FLAC with built in server via SD - compression settings question.

2010-11-10, 16:26
I purchased a SB Touch when it was released for FLAC playback, but was disappointed that the hardware wasn't powerful enough to play back FLAC and 24/96 with fluidity via the built in server.

I'm going to try to give it another go. I have the latest update (not the nightly, is it worth going to for FLAC performance with built-in server?) and is there a way to check with compression setting my FLAC files were encoded with if I'm not sure? A lot of them were ripped long ago and I do not remember which I used.

Also, it's recommended to choose settings 1-5 during encoding, but will I have better luck with any particular number of one through five if space is not a concern?

2010-11-10, 17:02
I just ripped over 500 CDs (with dbPoweramp). I have never used FLAC before and didn't really know much about it, other than I see several media servers are beginning to use it. Anyway, I ripped them all with the default 5 compression and it has been flawless. I bought a 1TB hdd for the task and hardly made a dent. Guess I could have gone with 1, for the least compression and still had tons of room.

2010-11-10, 22:44
For some reason flac does not contain info on it's original compression ratio, so there is no easy way to tell.

But as the files are lossles there is no quality loss invovled in re encoding every file, there is a lot of software that can do batch encoding.

BTW take a proper backup before proceeding with this.

Other have claimed that when using the internal server don't use artwork larger than 500*500 and they should be in jpg not bmp or very large jpg.

2010-11-11, 06:25
Hi Mnyb,

Thanks for your hint about the 500x500 limit.
I'm actually ripping all my CDs to FLAC (default 5 compression) with Max from Sbooth.org and the only trouble I encountered was when an artwork cover was missing; so I decided to scan and copy them 1:1 (about 900x900) and my SBT is bugging only with those files.
I will give it a try.

2010-11-11, 11:02
I've often wondered what the point was in using compression with flac files. With storage the price that it is these days, it hardly seems worth the extra hassle and processing load for compression/decompression. A terabyte holds an awful lot of files at uncompressed flac rates. I've got some 16k tracks on my 500gb drive, and it's only starting to look like I might need some extra space in a year or two. Granted, only 75% or so are lossless flacs, but even so.


2010-11-11, 11:11
I've often wondered what the point was in using compression with flac files.
Think bigger - I have 3.7TB of compressed flac files, which requires four 2TB drives - two for storage and two for backup. Uncompressed FLAC would require four more 2TB drives.


2010-11-11, 12:14
From what I have read, decompression is no more process-intensive for higher flac compression ratios. The extra work goes in up front in the compression process.