View Full Version : Server loses connection when in playback

2010-11-09, 08:13
I know this issue has been discussed but I never found a solution and it has plagued me for the last two years, up to sb 7.51 and through win xp to win 7: SB server loses contact while playing back. What happens is this: I am playing back a file of my library and suddenly the sound stops, while the counter goes on. Now there are two possibilities :
a) after a matter of a few seconds (up to one or two minutes) the counter goes back and playback resumes exactly where it left, or:
b) nothing happens and to resume playback I have to shut and restart the server : it searches for some time and then hopefully makes contact.At this point the counter retrocedes to where the sound left and playback resumes from that point.
This happens now with the files on a Nas and happened when they were on an external HD,; now when I use an ethernet cable just as before when I was on wi-fi. There are no discernable external causes for the disconnection to happen:
can someone help ?

2010-11-09, 10:40
Are both the NAS and the player wired? If yes, are you sure the player is using the ethernet wire (you went through the entire Setup procedure)?
Just plugging in an ethernet cable does not make the player wired.

Have you tried running the SBS server program on a wired PC with a few local music files on that PC's hard drive?
The NAS may be too underpowered for running SBS.