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2010-11-08, 06:30

I've posted before about the problems I have trying to stream the CF channels from Radioio but I've found it to be getting worse and haven't been able to connect for the last 24 hours without getting an error message about the IP / URL address.

Strangely (and this is the main reason I am posting again) is that my preset buttons on the Radio are set for a couple of Radioio channels and these ALWAYS work regardless of the problems I am having via the 'app'. Even the same channel fails to resolve the url on the app but works when using the preset button. According to the 'more information' option the stream adress on the preset is something like while the error message indicates through the 'app' selection the address of 'streampoint.radioio.com/streams/30/ etc'.

Radioio texh support tell me that they are still investigating but it doesn't happen to everybody nor at the same time so I guess it is pretty impossible to track down. Is there anyway the 'app' can use the ip addresses as an alternative? or would is be possible to have the address list for the channels and we then add them manually until they change?



I should also ask whether there is another alternative to Radioio as I like being able to choose for a wide variety of genres.


2010-11-08, 09:35
There are many alternatives. I'd suggest starting with Internet Radio > Music > Internet Only
Here you will see numerous internet "networks" each offering numerous genres.

There is also the Apps for Soma, Digitally Imported, Sky, Radionomy, RadioTime.
Then there are the free Music Services via Apps like Last.fm, Slacker, Pandora. (your location may restrict access to such services)
I'd also recommend the ShoutCast App which hosts tens of thousands of streams, searchable by Genre.