View Full Version : Squeezecenter miserably slow all of a sudden

2010-11-07, 07:42

I've had Squeezecenter running on a dedicated machine for 2 years...never a problem.

Within the last few weeks, the server is miserably slow. The machine is untouched and sits behind a pretty solid firewall. There's no malware on it. It's an XP box, static IP.

Requesting the Squeezecenter interface via http using the loopback host is painfully slow on the box it's running on. Getting at it from one of the other computers, etc., is also bad. Nothing seems to be react quickly.

Running 7.5.1 - r30836.

Where do I start? Now that my wife has grown attached to this thing, it's really starting to hack her off, to.


2010-11-07, 07:45
Also, according to Task Manager, the memory/cpu usage of SqueezeSvr.eve seems high to me. CPU is pegged at 50%, memory usage around 220,000K. Now, I haven't really looked at it before, but that does seem high to me.

2010-11-07, 09:59
Do you have any 3rd party plugins installed? If so, disable them all and see how the server behaves. If you want to find the culprit begin adding them back in one at a time. Be sure to restart Squeezebox Server each time you make a change to the list of enabled plugins.