View Full Version : Ethernet won't connect SB3

2010-11-05, 04:31
When I try to connect using Ethernet, I get a message on my SB3 which says. 'Ethernet appears disconnected. Please check your ethernet connection'.
I have tried factory reset and am now connecting direct to the ethernet wireless router. Nothing makes any difference.
I am a long term SB3 user, but getting fed up with wireless.

2010-11-05, 06:41
Have you double-checked the ethernet cable to confirm it is good? And if the cable is good, have you tried different LAN ports on the router, as one of those may have gone bad. If that all looks okay then it's possible that the ethernet port on the SB3 has gone bad -- does the ethernet light come on when you plug in a cable that you have confirmed to be good?

2010-11-05, 07:09
Thanks for message. I know router & cable are good. They work ok on BBC Iplayer/Humax box. There is no light on SB3 - where should I see it.

2010-11-05, 07:31
Right next to the ethernet port -- I'm pretty sure it's the usual green/amber activity light that is generally found next to an ethernet port.

2010-11-05, 07:41
No light is on. I am using a standard ethernet cable, not a X-over one.

2010-11-05, 08:14
I'd recommend phoning support. They may be able to help you with further diagnostics. Any chance it's still under warranty, i.e., less than 2 years old?

2010-11-05, 09:11
I don't see any light on my wired SB3 for ethernet, only optical out has any sort of "light" that I can see.

Also, if you used a credit card to purchase your SB3 your card may offer an additional year of warranty repair/replacement.
Some restrictions apply, blah blah blah.... :)

2010-11-05, 09:17
I don't see any light on my wired SB3 for ethernet, only optical out has any sort of "light" that I can see.
Shoot, you're right. My mistake -- sorry about that.

2010-11-05, 09:50
Thanks. Could try phoning but its more than 2 years old.Didn't know there is any support in UK, but I suppose it now gets covered by LOGITECH.