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Mike Reeve
2004-09-03, 12:38
Hi Sean

I prepared two versions of 'my favourite track' from 'my favourite CD' :-O
[i.e. Spoken Channel Identification from the HiFi News & Record Review Test
one an AIFF the other a MP3.

I made a playlist containing the two versions and put it on repeat ...
.... and listened to 25 repeats of the cycle AIFF + MP3, not once but twice!

[After two times 30 mins of that if I wasn't crazy before I could be now!

BTW before each test I restarted both SlimServer & the Squeezebox.

For the MP3 version the L & R channels were always correct.

With the AIFF version the channels randomly swapped :-(

Below is a trace of each 25 cycle sequence for the AIFF version,
with "Y" meaning that the L & R channels were the correct way round
and "N" meaning that they were swapped ...



I'm not convinced that it is only related to my particular Squeezebox
(unless it really is a marginal timing issue),
as, if my memory serves me well, we first identified this bug
in the single-digit & teen versions of the firmware (when many people heard
but by the end of the 20s (after your fixes) I don't recall hearing it on my

However, it does seem to have reappeared with a vengence in the 30s ...

[And while I have been typing this I notice from the discuss list
that Phillip Kerman has heard it also ...]

Michel (Fombellida): Any occurrences in either of your two systems ...?



Michel Fombellida
2004-09-03, 12:49
Hi Mike,

> Michel (Fombellida): Any occurrences in either of your two systems ...?

I just tried a few times with one of my SB (FW35) and the channels were
correct. In my setup it has been while that I did not notice the channel swap.

I'll check again soon in my other system.