View Full Version : Need help testing firmware v.35

Phillip Kerman
2004-09-03, 10:39
> I can report that FW35 fixed the problem that I had with FW34
> and my Benchmark
> DAC-1 giving an error "non-PCM". It is now working fine. I'll
> soon try again in
> my other setup where I have a dCS Purcell and an Apogee Big
> Ben. I'll let you
> know if I see any changes there (until now I alway had an
> issue with the
> initial lock on non compressed sources.... bug report 416).

I've tested out and there's still an issue that wasn't in the previous
build. I'm repeating myself--but just for clarity: I changed the delay back
to 0.25 and any time I start a song via the remote my receiver takes a few
seconds to ascertain that it's in fact PCM coming in. Then it plays fine.
In earlier builds it never had to figure out that it was PCM. This is
with the coax going from SB to a Rotel rsx 1056

Makes sense?

Also, I have firmware 35... I downloaded and installed the "latest" right
after Sean mentioned in here. Then he said he put a more recent version up.
But if my SBs say "35" then that should be the latest right?