View Full Version : 1 SQreceiver often disconnects, the other doesn't???

2010-11-03, 22:04
Have 2 SQ receivers and 2 booms - usually use them all in synch

Sometimes when i leave the house i just pause one of them and when i come back i will press play and continue...do switch off my onkyo receiver as i dont like that to be on the whole day

The booms, never a problem, the receivers only one, the one in my living room...since i bought one 2nd hand and one new i thought i might have been the older receivers problem but i switched rooms to solve it but now the new receiver in the living room does the same. so it wasn't a receiver issue.

Light goes yellow-ish and on ipeng it does not see it anymore...need to reset it and then reboot my duet controller (which has screen issues) to get it to work again...a real pain

The other one (SBR2) in my computer room is connected by the red/white cables and is always on, switch source on my computer speakers...(line1/line2)

The one (SBR1) in the living room is connected via Digital Coax cable to an Onkyo 604 receiver...

I see that when the SQ receiver (SBR1) is connected to the network, my onkyo lights up with DTS in its display, when SBR1 is not connected (yellow light) the onkyo goes to Dolby PLII...

so what am i to do? get rid of the digital connection back to analogue?

Why does it keep doing this....am sure i am not the only one connecting it to an onkyo receiver or any receiver for that matter?

2010-11-07, 07:40
Yellow light means it's awaiting IP address from your router. What is the lease time you've set (assuming using DCHP). Have you also set the SBS power down settings in the advanced web menu? It maybe that your PC has gone into hibernation - there's a setting to prevent it doing this if it detects a squeezbox device is on.

Leaving your player on pause is likely to result in the controller suspending itself (to save power). If you always have it in its cradle then you can turn suspend off. Go settings>advanced> test (or something similar)> power manangement options.