View Full Version : SB3 versus Duet/Touch functionality

2010-11-02, 06:39
I have a SB Touch in my listening room using a SBS running on a ReadyNAS, controlled with iPeng. I mostly listen to my Library on the NAS, Rhapsody and Pandora. Considering getting a couple of used SB3s for other zones. Other than 24/96 is there any other loss of functionality with the SB3s? Of course, the SB3s don't have a touch interface, internal SBS, picture viewer, etc, but those don't matter in the additional zones. What I care about is what I might lose in terms of music playing abilities.


2010-11-02, 07:00
If you use the Touch as a server you'll lose a number of formats, too:
AAC, ALAC, maybe WMA as well.
Those formats need to be transcoded to be played on the SB3 which the server on the Touch can't do.

BTW, there is no difference between the SB3 and Duet functionality in this respect, regarding audio capabilities the SB3 is generally a bit superior to the Duet (it sounds a little bit better and has a headphone out which you can also use for IRBlaster in case you need to).