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John Hunt
2004-09-03, 00:04
I was getting this with XP SP2 RC2 but the full version of SP2 seems to have
cured the problem.

John M Hunt

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> > There was several items in the last months about Slimserver hitting high
> > CPU usage and locking out players and browsers, and I have heard little
> > since. I am still periodically getting this problem despite using a
> > recent nightly download to drive a new Sqbox-G. I even looked in
> > bugzilla and couldn't find any references, although I thought it had
> > been taken on as a major bug. Can someone reassure me that this is at
> > least being reviewed because it seems to be a serious problem for many.
> > SLIMP3, Sqbx-G, Win 2000 Pro, Wireless, ~ 5000 MP3 Songs
> I have about the same amount of songs. I use a 800Mhz Via C3 for serving
> with 768MB of ram. I do also notice the CPU curn on rescan or song
> search. I can pretty much alleviate the rescan problems by fiddling with
> the Server Settings :: Performance :: Build Items Per Pass. I set it to
> 5-10 and the server is much more responsive, no music dropouts, etc
> while rescanning. The CPU utilization is 100% though, which is desired,
> as any lower would mean it takes unneccessarily longer...
> Pbox