View Full Version : Need help testing firmware v.35

Phillip Kerman
2004-09-02, 21:49
> > Sean Adams <sadams@...> writes:
> >
> >> The nightly release has just been updated with a new firmware rev,
> >> v.35. This is a bug-fix-only release.
> >
> > I just installed it here ...
> >
> > Unfortunately it started up with the L&R channels reversed :-O
> > [after a couple of soft resets they are back the right way round]
> > - am I really the only one seeing [hearing] this
> intermittent swap ...?
> >
> I am certainly not hearing it ever (and I test for it from time to
> time). I wonder if it's your player, or something else....
> certainly we
> could swap it out for you if you want to try that. It could be a file
> in your library which has half a sample at the end of the file or
> something like that, which is causing the data to get misaligned.
> Next time it happens, try this: make a playlist containing
> two tracks.
> One just any mp3 file, and the other a flac/aiff/whatever, containing
> your left/right test track.
> Try pressing ffwd to alternate between the two tracks (this
> reinitializes the DSP every time because it's switching
> between mp3 and
> pcm mode). See if that swaps the channels back.

I can assure you I have experienced this L/R swap bug. It was on a song I
had used to compare countless speakers at various dealers so I know the song
really well. The last time I saw it happen it was on firmware 31--or
whatever was the minimum with the Graphic display.

What details do you need?