View Full Version : A remote to do squeeze and thermostat?

Gregory Gilbert
2004-09-02, 21:15
I have tried to figure this out, but I am running out of time as they are starting to wire the house for everything.  Here is my idea and hoping and thinking it should work:


Like a crestron system that runs multiple things in the house, I feel there should be/is some wall mountable remote (maybe the phillips pronto?) that would mostly run the squeeze box and also double as a thermostat - or tie into it.  Or, in otherwords, a thermostat that could also run the squeezebox.  Why you ask?  Well a thermostat is going to be mounted on the walls in a number of rooms and the wife is okay with that, but if the thermostat also ran the squeezebox, two birds - one stone and no added wall clutter which makes everyone happy.  Since it is attached to the wall it would stay in that room and not be portable like a wireless thing could (I can see all these devices ending up in one room and having to redistribute them periodically).  I am willing to spend up to 200-300 dollars per device (or more if it is really what I am looking for).  Anyone know of such a device.  The wife finds typing with the number pad difficult s! o if it were a touchscreen or keyboard - all the easier.  (Since the palmone treo doesn't have bluetooth it can't be used - right? - I think the next installment is supposed to, but I would have to figure out how to mount it to the wall and have it function as a thermostat.)  Thanks for any suggestions!




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