View Full Version : SHOUTcast plugin hangs slimserver in XP

Stuart Weber
2004-09-02, 16:36
just got my squeezebox
lastes version of slimserver (9/2).
I have 2 xp PCs and 2 win98 PCs sharing internet throught the same router.

on either XP machine (wilth no xp firewall turned on, norton AV disabled, no filter, no zone alarm, etc etc) pressing PLAY on the squeezebox to start this Shoutcast browser eventually gives a loss of slimserver contact mesasage, and slimserver is hung.

On my win98 machines if i run slimserver on one of them, it doesnt happen and works fine.
also, on the xp machines, if i go to shoutcast and rightclick and save a playlist, if i run slimserver on the xp machine, it will run the playlist and play the shoutcast station (so, its not inherently blocking shoutcast or anything).

what in XP, in some internet or security setting would prevent this SHOUTcast browser from running?
i turned on the d_plugin debug, and nothing is in the debug windows (yes, i have the debug window open when the slimserver hangs.)


my computer-illiterate wife wont keep this if she can crash it while im at work!