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Phillip Kerman
2004-09-02, 16:07
> Quoting bobv <bobv (AT) earthling (DOT) net>:
> > Wow. Just checked page hits, I guess there are a fair
> > amount of font-curious "G" people. :)
> >
> > So... I made a small page with some softsqueeze screen
> > snaps (the fonts look a little blockier than they do on
> > the actual hardware) at:
> >
> > http://www.mylefteye.com/sbgfonts
> >
> > This means you can load up 100K worth of website to avoid
> > wasting bandwidth on the 5K font bitmaps. I should be in
> > government.
> good stuff :)
> Worth noting, too, I'm working on a way to automatically load
> up any fonts that
> are in the Graphics dir as the server starts. This way, as
> long as the files
> are named in a sensible manor, you dont have to copy over
> existing ones or do
> any renaming back and forth to switch fonts.
> -kdf

Yeah, those are nice. It does seem to hop around because the widths must
vary. Like when the clock is running the "PM" moves every second depending
on the current time.

Looking forward to more and more fonts that make it so I can read it from
very far away.