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2010-10-26, 04:13
I ordered a Touch, a duet, a radio and a battery on the Logitech web site with a promotion code gathered on Internet (SQB15).
It all went OK and the -15% was applied on all products. I paid and my order was confirmed on the web site.
A week after, I have no news and I can't see my order on Logitech's website. I call Logitech and they tell me that my order has been cancelled.

As simple as that.
Not even a single mail to me to tell me about the cancellation, nothing.

It seems that there is a problem with the promotion code. That there would be some restrictions on the total amount of the order, ... So then, How could I get all the way thru the credit card payment screen then ?

I had already noticed that there is something weird about Logitech promotion codes when I tried to order an Harmony years ago (actually it was returned because it just didn't support any of my devices even the most common ones).

Logitech tells me that, of course I can make a new order but what's the chance for it to go thru better this time ? What about the promotion code that expired since then ?

Actually, I had tried to order from Amazon.fr before but the shipment of the Touch to Belgium was restricted because it's a MP3 player (On the other hand, the Duet and Radio could be shipped. For Amazon, those are NOT mp3 players !?!). By the time Amazon sorts this restriction out, their -30 promotion code had also expired and there is nothing they can do about it **

Am I paranoiac or could it be possible that everytime I try to use a promotion code, the vendor finds a way to cancel it ? Are those promotion code real ? Or are they just to attrack attention ?

That's now 6 weeks that I try to get those products ?

Anybody experienced that before ?

** About Amazon, how can they announce a promotion in the limit of the existing stocks when they say there is only 3 items in stock ? During the 2 weeks, I discussed with Amazon, not a single unit was sold !

2010-10-26, 04:20
The squeezebox works for me, and I take it for what it is. If you need customer service or support buy the Sonos, Logitech has some of the worst customer service in the industry from my experience. They are a company that grew up mass producing keyboards, mice, remotes, etc. They don't have the heritage or culture for good customer service around a software product. Just my two cents.

2010-10-26, 04:50
Try Wifimedia. No promotions but you'll get it cheaper there than at Logitech's including the 15% promotion anyway.
They are in the Netherlands and they did ship to Germany so I'd expect them to ship to Belgium, too.

2010-11-09, 14:48
Logitech just offered me an even more aggressive discount on my purchase.
I'm very happy with the way their support eventually sorted this out.

2010-11-09, 17:08
It is nice that you came back and told us of the POSITIVE resolution by customer service. Most of the time the positives are never reported. I,too, have had very positive experiences with Logitech's customer service. Thank you Raniera.

2010-11-10, 20:48
I'll just pipe in that I had an excellent customer support experience with Logitech as well.

2010-11-10, 23:29
I've just had a great experience with them too. Moved across the pond and wanted the part number for the US power supply plates to order some and they just sent them out to me instead.

2010-11-11, 13:05
Only good things on this end, too. Had a part that broke on my SB3 and was out of warranty by about a year and they sent it to me free anyway... they won a long term customer that day :D

2010-11-15, 08:55
Duet battery died under warranty- they expedited a new one to me promptly.

2010-11-16, 05:08
i'll just pipe in that i had an excellent customer support experience with logitech as well.


:) :) :)