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2010-10-25, 13:57
Dear Touch Users,

1) Alarm wake up with the default buzzer.
Sometimes, I don't wake up with the right programmed songs ( a Dynamic Playlist ).
In place of this, I hear the default Buzzer.

I think, that it is because I power off the SqueezeTouch.

In the evening, I program a Sleep timer and go sleeping.
In the morning , The first Alarm wake up my wife with the right song.
After my wife wake up, I power off the SqueezeTouch.
The second Alarm don't wake me up with the SQL Playlist.

To avoid Power off the SqueezeTouch, I try to customize the LEFT Button.
but there is not a lot of choices.
Why not having the possibility to direct access the STOP or Sleep functions ?
Maybe, I'm wrong and I can power off the SqueezeTouch and wake up with the right song ?
Can you advice me about the best practice ?

2) I need two alarms to wake up in the morning
It could be interesting to have a different duration time for each alarm ?
I like to hear music for a long time before wake up and my wife only need a few minuts.
Also the possibility to hear the buzzer after the programmed duration( that will certainly wake up my wife ! ;-) )

Is it possible to have such parameters in the future ?

A possible workaround could be to start a alarm with no song to shut down the first alarm ? I must try....


2010-10-26, 15:44
I don't use the alarm features so I can't be much help, but a few quick questions:

What are you getting the music for the alarm? ie do you have a server running on a computer and the music you want to play is on the server? Do you have a USB drive plugged into the Touch and the music is on that drive? Is it playing an internet radio station? One of the "services" such as pandora or napster?

It sounds like turning the Touch off is loosing the connection to wherever you are trying to get the music from. Knowing where the music is coming from will help figure out what to do.

Is there a specific reason for turning the Touch off after the first alarm? What aspect of turning off are you specifically after?

John S.

2010-10-26, 22:06
Dear John,
I use a NAS ( synology Ds107 )with squeeze server installed on it.

This morning, I Swith OFF the SqueezeTouch and the alarm don't wake me with songs.
So, Power off the SqueezeTouch will not Swith ON by the server in case off ALARM.

This could be normal...but in this case, why not having a button to place the SqueezeTouch in Sleep Mode or STOPPED Mode.
What is the difference between modes SLEEP,STOPPED, Switch OFF.
Where can I customize this ?

Thanks for your help

2010-10-27, 22:35
Once again, I ear this stupid "buzzer" :-(

Yesterday, I set the sleep function and this morning, I don't wake up with the SQL playlist.
To check the link with my NAS, I stop the buzzer. I start play and it play the SQL Playlist.

The list of improvement :
- Different duration time for each alarm
- Hear the buzzer after the programmed duration
- SLEEP function in place off Power OFF function for the LEFT Home Menu Button.
- Another improvement could be to show the SLEEP time decreasing before going SLEEP. It is difficult to see if the SLEEP is activated and how many time it will be effective.

Have a good day

2010-10-27, 22:44
Try random song instead .
Or a short playlist 10 songs or so .
To see whats happening.

You are using erlands rather cpu intensive plugins ? (he do warn you)

On a NAS what is the spec on thta one ? cpu ram etc ?

sbs performance on playlist is not good you need cpu to load a pl with 100-1000 files, especially on Touch or Radio vs Boom or classic .

2010-10-31, 04:36
Thanks for your advices.

-I use a little music library : +/- 2000 songs
-My SQL playlist is limited to 50 songs.

This is my last informations :

The AlarmClock never start again with SQL playlist.

When I STOP the alarm, I can go in playlist and start it without problem : so, not a problem of connection with my NAS.
I set the sleep time to 15 minutes and reprogram the alarmclock with a new time ( actual + 1 hours )
I try it a lot of times, and SQLplalist always start !
So, not a problem with the playlist.

I don't understand where the problem is ?

2010-10-31, 05:47
My piont was try to *NOT* use any SQL playlist .

Use an normal playlist of 10 songs if that works then try sbs normal random random song but limit the pl to 10 songs.
Ar a very simple test just use one particular as a test (make a playlist witn one sog).

It can be so that erlands sql playlist plugin is temporarirly overloading the server, and if the radio's alarm code is reused in the Touch that could be a problem.

We know that this code is very sensitive for loss of contact with the server, the slightest interuption is interpreted as a problem.
The safe guard is to play the built in sound just to be sure that any alarm sounds at the time .

You could log in to the server with ssh and use the top command to monitor the cpu while alarm goes of.

Just trying to help you exclude some possible causes .

2010-11-04, 23:15
I try several day by using a static playlist.
But, same behavior.

I found a information about the alarm clock in the new firmware :
If alarm sound on Radio or Touch uses music from Squeezebox Server, player will wake up sleeping Squeezebox Server computer 5 minutes beforehand.


So, I will plan a update , but how to get a backup of my squeezecenter configuration ?

Workaround : To avoid this problem, I program my SqueezeTouch to use a favorite Radio from my "SQUEEZEBOX.COM" ( so, not using my NAS).
In the evening, I listen the same RAdio and program a sleep time on 30 minutes.
But, I wake up this morning with the default buzzer.
I stop it and play the Internet Radio, and it play !

Desperation :-)

2010-11-08, 00:27
I update squeeze server to 7.5.1.
Now, I wake up with the playlist.

So, the new version work better with NAS server.

But, after 20 minutes, the buzzer start again and I see a message for a few seconds "searching NAS".
It seems that my NAS was too busy for a few seconds and the buzzer start.
I can't STOP this Buzzer and not possible to restart the song.
I can navigate in my NAS MENU (reconnected after +/- 3 seconds).
The only possibility is to POWER OFF and POWER ON the SqueezeTouch and I can play the song again.

Why playing the Buzzer, only for a short disconnection with the NAS ?
Why Not restart the song when my NAS is reconnected ?

It seems, this buzzer has a very high priority.
Is it possible to reduce this priority or suppress this Buzzer and restart the song after the reconnection ?

It's very annoying to use Squeeze server with my NAS.


2010-12-08, 10:31
I follow recommendation explanied in this post


Working now since 3 weeks