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2010-10-24, 20:15
I have several Squeezeboxes and recently introduced its Internet radio capabilities to my father.

He enjoys the possibilities, but at his own place there's just no way that he can manage and set up the server required to take care of the Squeezeboxes.

For his purposes the key requirement is SIMPLICITY of operation, and the requirement that he be able to find worldwide radio streams easily.

I've seen reference to the standalone mode for the Squeezebox Radio.

Is it possible to take a Squeezebox Radio out of the box, and turn it on, and operate it without a SqueezeCenter/SlimServer ?

Can anyone offer any advice for operating the Radio in this mode ?

2010-10-25, 00:58
Yes, the Radio can connect to MySqueezeBox.com and be used in standalone mode.

If you power on the Radio for the first time, it will ask you for the WLAN credentials and, once you are connected successfully to the WLAN, it will ask you to create a MSB.com account.
Afterwards, it is ready to play.

Some people have reported problems with the Alarm feature when connected to MSB.com, therefore, for the sake of simplicity, I would not recommend the Radio as Alarm clock in this case.
But using it to play Internet Radio should work fine and conveniently.

2010-10-25, 09:29
Will the SB3 (or SB classic) work with MySqueezeBox.com in a standalone radio mode too?

2010-10-25, 09:35
Will the SB3 (or SB classic) work with MySqueezeBox.com in a standalone radio mode too?

Yes, everything from the SB2 onward can use either a local server or MySB.com.

(And though the SB2/3/Classic doesn't have the specific alarm problems that the Radio does, it's still not best to rely on a remote site for alarms... If your router crashes or your ISP sucks at the alarm time, you'll have no alarm.)

2010-10-25, 12:58
Thanks for all the advice.

My father is retired, so he won't have any need to use the alarm :)