View Full Version : Why?

craig strong
2010-10-24, 04:29
Did I get no response (audio) from the Touch, the song seemed to be playing in as much as it was counting up on the timer, but, as I said, no audio.

Reset #1 This brought back audio, but the screen on the Touch was telling me I wasn't playing anything! (I was btw)

Reset #2 solved it, but why on earth did it do it in the first place?

2010-10-24, 04:41
Because it is a computer? 99% of all my odd issues with all my computer related technology (laptops, desktops, iphone, routers, etc.) are solved with a reboot.

2010-10-24, 08:02
Sometimes happens. Every Squeezebox I've ever owned has done this on more than one occasion. It's like part of its brain is working and part isn't.

I had this problem just the other day. The Touch wouldn't connect to my server, but I could still play music to it from the web interface, which apparently thought _it_ was connected to the Touch. Audio was playing just fine, but the Touch Now Playing screen was never displayed and it showed the playlist as empty.